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Aurora Light:
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Aurora Light Sorrento

Piazza Tasso, 10/11 - 80067 Sorrento (Na) - Italia

P. IVA 01362081216

Tel. 081 8772631 - Fax 081 5324546


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Evenings in green menu

An end with a bang. Do you want to know the evening in green menu?

After an initial white wine, a Fiano di Colli di Castelfranci - Magnum, of course ... we have opened a 18-liter black Pallagrello AMBRUCO 2003 Terre del Principe.

  1. Chicory salad with arugula-fennel-olive-green-spinacine-celery-crisp pine nuts, dressed with basil pesto, all on a Gragnano wheat biscuit
  2. Cream of leek
  3. Risotto with squid stuffed with black olives
  4. Baked cod with pistachio on iceberg lettuce and Amalfi way pesto
  5. Polenta with black broccoli with and spinach, smoked swordfish and soy sauce.
    Kiwi iced parfait with chocolate and banana mousse

In the photo

Fruit and vegetable salad
and mini hamburger