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Aurora Light Sorrento

Piazza Tasso, 10/11 - 80067 Sorrento (Na) - Italia

P. IVA 01362081216

Tel. 081 8772631 - Fax 081 5324546


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Piatto Unico

The cuisine of the Aurora Light is a tribute to the lightness, perfectly summed up in the single course, that is a light but at the same time easy dish, that combines appearance and flavour, blending an unmistakable and particular taste to a careful and dressy way.

The single course comes from the Neapolitan and Sorrento culinary tradition. An appetizing idea that restaurants do not reproduce almost never on their menus, and which, thanks its goodness deserve to be rediscovered. Our single courses draw in plenty from an ancient tradition, but revised in a modern and original way.

The proposed dishes are those of the typical Sorrento cuisine revisited with a touch of internationality: a new philosophy in cuisine, a new way to live the flavour. A little of olive oil and a few spices, no elaborate dishes or seasonings, but only second courses meat or fish based and salads.


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Sorrento fish caponata